Let me lighten your load & do the training for you!


Love your dog but not so fascinated with the training process? Investing in Day Training could be the perfect solution. Fast and effective, this program will teach your dog all the lessons he needs to fit in with your lifestyle--nothing more, nothing less.  And since I'm the one doing the training your dog or puppy will learn in weeks what might take you months or even a lifetime!  

Here's what to expect....

Step One: Initial 90 minute meeting and management session. 

During our first session, I meet with you to offer immediate management solutions to common behavior frustrations.  We discuss your goals and needs whether it's in-house manners, leash control or outside recalls. 

Step Two: Lessons between your dog and me! 

Initially, lessons are  set up while you're working or out of the house. These hour lessons involve my working with and strengthening each lesson in a variety of situations and environments.  Once I have taught your dog how to behave, I will invite you in for a "transfer lesson," where I show you and your family both what your dog has learned and how to get the same results.  This training option is one of my most successful programs! 

Step Three:  Transfer sessions.

Each week to ten days, I meet with you to transfer the lessons that your dog has learned. These hour-long lessons are detailed in review sheets and video reminders. 

Step Four: Follow-up review.

Review lessons are set up one to two months later to support you and your dog.

Optional: Fine tuning.

Monthly or seasonal lessons can be arranged to make sure you and your dog continue living happily ever after! 

Don't feel guilty hiring an expert to train your dog.  Your dog can make happy leaps in a few short weeks!=
“ Our dogs have always been just like extra people in our house, but Sarah’s been key in helping us understand where they’re coming from when they act up and teaching us how to give the right amounts of love and direction they expect and need from us.”
— Erin H.