Should You and Your Dog Get Stoned?

I know dog parents can’t be happy all the time, but some things make this dog mom really sad. Take the focus on marijuana, which is okay in and of itself, but in its wake, the sudden upsurge of trending YouTube videos of dogs doped up. Just the other day I watched a few clips on prime time. I mean, really—shouldn’t this be illegal?

Before you dismiss me as too prim, I experienced the joys of pot plenty in my day, and it was fun. I couldn’t walk without laughing and couldn’t laugh without falling flat on the floor. I ate lots and lots of cheeseburgers, chatted non-stop and gave my dog, Eloise, unending affection and ball tosses.

Did I ever mindfully or even mistakenly get my sweet little Eloise stoned? No. That never happened on my watch. Eloise was my first baby—she counted on me for everything; for “rational decision making.” Partying aside, I had a responsibility to care for her.

In my mindscape dogs are like kids: And you wouldn’t get a toddler stoned or blow smoke in your infant’s face, would you?

Still, these dog-stoning clips are making the rounds and I just don’t know what to make of them.

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