holiday puppy

The Holiday Gift Puppy

Combine over-the-top cuteness with the unstoppable persuasive powers of children, and it's no wonder that puppies top many holiday gift lists. Experts caution against it, but the irresistible allure of a bow-collared puppy romping with over-stimulated, pajama-clad children is just too much! People give puppies for the holidays.

But the joy can be short lived. Unlike toys, puppies require long-term attention, care and love. But ask any dog shelter staffer — the best time to find a pure bred dog is March or April, when the December puppy starts to loose the “cute” factor, and starts acting like an adolescent dog. Often, these dogs begin challenging authority and wreaking havoc in the household because training was overlooked.

Here are my top five tips if a holiday puppy is joining your household this season. These tips apply to puppy adoption at any time of year, but holiday puppies are most vulnerable to unintentional training neglect.


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