7 Reasons to Love Your Dog Like a Baby


You want a well-mannered dog. Really you do. But you worry that dog training will hurt the loving bond you share. Even the act of securing a leash and forcing your dog to walk in step feels cruel and restrictive. Dog training is okay for dogs but not for your baby. 

Now, however, your precious baby has a few bad habits - like shredding the couch when you leave, barking every time someone walks by, or jumping on visitors. What started as amusing has become annoying.

You know you need to get a handle on it, but you’re still in limbo, unwilling to shock, jab or jerk your baby into submission. Is there a happier approach to living with dogs that doesn’t involve prolonged isolation, negative reinforcement or shock collars? And if there is, are you too late?

Yes there is, and no you’re not too late. All across America, Dog Mommies (and Daddies) are speaking out in record numbers against the Top Dog Model of dog training. They’re part of a growing majority —now 81% of dog owners - polled, call their dog family and, like you, want to live in harmony with their dogs.

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