Why I Adopted a Pitbull for My Kids

Recently, my family and I went to Puttin’ on the Dog, an adoption event held by the Adopt-a-Dog foundation in Greenwich, Connecticut. The sun was shining, my kids weren’t arguing, and I swore to my husband that we wouldn’t leave with any more paws than we arrived with.

Nothing could stop me from looking, though, and what I saw from the entrance gate made my heart skip a beat: a little cappuccino-colored pit bull type puppy wearing a big orange “Adopt Me” vest. I bit my lip. Everywhere I turned, I saw her—a rescue named Khaleesi—surrounded by children, playing with other dogs or napping, belly-up, in her handler’s lap. I couldn’t resist; when my family was off getting ice cream, I tiptoed to the adoption tent and submitted an application.

I’m sure some will wonder why a suburban mom, respected trainer, author and applied animal behaviorist mindfully desired a pit bull rescue from unknown origins to raise with her kids. With insurance companies openly banning bully breeds and entire nations put on red alert, why would anyone choose a pit bull type dog as a family member?

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