Sometimes changes can happen overnight. 

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There are lots of reasons people reach out to do a consultation. In just one quick session I can help you:

  • Organize your household, structure a sleep schedule and create a potty routine for your puppy
  • Conquer bad habits like house-soiling, jumping, chewing, barking, aggression, anxiety-related behaviors, and other intrusive habits.
  • Reduce chaos in a multi-critter household
  • Understand the new science of modern dog training 

It doesn't take weeks of lessons to get the insight you need to resolve simple problems. Sometimes changes can happen overnight. 

Science shows us that dogs have the understanding of a two to three-year-old child and learn best through positive associations and consistent routines. Dog training is easy and fun when you know these simple secrets. 

This session comes with a choice of one of my best selling books, e.g., Puppies for Dummies or Modern Dog Parenting