Free E-books!

Sarah’s series of e-books are like free crib notes to help the whole family stay consistent with basic dog training rituals and positive puppy conditioning techniques. Using Sarah’s effective training methods with her suggest line of products helps to bring instant success and effect permanent habits that the whole family can enforce. No purchase is necessary to put these common sense strategies to work for you and your dog. Download one or download them all.

  • Sarah’s Teaching Lead Method
    It’s a leash and a companion-training program combined! Early in my career, I set out to design a leash and develop a positive reinforcement methodology that would make simple, positive yet uniquely effective learning methods available to everyone. The Teaching Lead instills structure and cheerful interaction interaction between dog and owner. With the right collar and proper training exercises, you’ll be able to trust your dog with full house freedom and take him for long effortless walks in the park in no time.

  • Teaching “Go to Place”
    Teach your dog to find a safe place in each room you share. Dogs, like children, want to know where to go and what to do in all situations, from the dining room to the TV room and beyond. Stationing will encourage good manners at home and when out, e.g. when going to the veterinarian’s office or visiting Aunt Bea. Start by creating stations in each room you share and using a station lead when you’re nearby.

  • Using Long Lines and Drag Leads
    Despite their name, draglines are anything but a drag! Handle-less, lightweight, and blue, these lines are designed to be worn continuously (when under supervision), allowing anyone to calmly interfere with common misbehaviors such as jumping on the counter during mealtime and climbing on furniture. The indoor line is 4’, whereas the out-door draglines are 25’-50’ long, allowing your dog to comfortably explore the outside world, while still enabling you to stay in control. Use your line to encourage a positive association to coming to you and the e-book to help prevent barking and chasing.

  • Using Short Leads
    Get a handle on your dog—literally! A hand or finger lead —a short leather loop that clips to your dog’s collar or harness—is designed to be worn continuously when supervising your dog to give you quick and steadying control. Even though you’re not normally holding the leash, it’s dangling presence around your dog’s neck reminds him that you’re watching. It also allows you to step in and reinforce directions when necessary because let’s face it: being good is hard sometimes!
    The 8” or 12” leads can also be use to secure your dog safely in the car.

  • Housetraining Your Dog
    Do you ever wish your dog could just tell you when he needs to go outside? By using this house training bell and following these simple steps, your dog will be communicating with you in no time. Installed so he can easily ring it, the bells tell you when he needs to go in or out, and/or let you know when the water dish needs a refill!