Day Training: Where I Do it for You


Day Training: Where I Do it for You

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Love your dog but not so fascinated with the training process? Investing in Day Training could be the perfect solution. Fast and effective, this program will teach your dog all the lessons they needs to fit in with your lifestyle--nothing more, nothing less.  And since I'm the one doing the training your dog or puppy will learn in a couple of week what might take you months or even a lifetime to condition!  Here's how it works...

Step One: We schedule a 90 minute First Dog or Puppy session where we work together to manage and commence my world recognized training approach based on the new science of modern dog training!

Step Two: We schedule three-to-five hour lessons where I work with your dog or puppy individually towards your goals. No one is required to attend during these lessons; this program works best when I am teaching your puppy alone without interference from people your dog might confuse as playmates.

Step Three:  We meet together so that I may teach you what your puppy or dog has learned. It is just as easy as it sounds, and tremendously effective, especially when scheduled within a 2-3 week period.

Optional review can be arranged in weekly or monthly visits as needed.

Note: Private lessons include travel within a 20 minute radius of my home in Katonah, NY.  If you live further away and would like a home training visit, a travel fee may apply.

If air travel is required, email me to discuss my day rate and other out-of-pocket expenses.

To learn more about what to expect during an in-person lesson, click here; to book a session, fill out this form. Here is a sample working agreement!

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