Head Start Puppy Program


Head Start Puppy Program


The easiest time to train and socialize your dog is when they’re under six months old — although it’s never too late. When socializing your new dog or puppy, they will long for, look at, and follow anyone who acts calm and self-assured.

My Head Start Puppy Program will teach you how to use simple words, food and toys to communicate with your puppy, direct their behavior, reward cooperation and build confidence. It’s easy and fun! 

Head Start Pups Learn

  • Potty Training & Problem Solving

  • Puppy Lessons-Sit, Come, Place & more

  • Leash Training & Listening Skills

  • Sleep Training

  • Socialization

  • Conditioning to Lifetime Goal, e.g.. Therapy Dog

Reach out to me, and we can develop a learning program, so you never have to deal with reactive or unwanted behavior patterns.  

Puppy training starts with one 90-minute lesson; follow up lessons support your journey.  

Note: Private lessons include travel within a 20 minute radius of my home in Katonah, NY.  If you live further away and would like a home training visit, a travel fee may apply.

If air travel is required, email me to discuss my day rate and other out-of-pocket expenses.

To learn more about what to expect during an in-person lesson, click here; to book a session, fill out this form. Here is a sample working agreement!

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