Jodi Buren

Jodi Buren

Planning for a human baby doesn’t wait until the labor pains begin—new parents have 9 months to get ready for their new addition!  If you’re expecting a new dog or puppy, you probably won’t need to wait so long and your planning can actually start the very hour you make your decision, too. 

  • Big dog or little? 
  • Pure bred or mixed breed?
  • Boy or girl? 

Once you’ve got that nailed, it’s on to your shopping list.  Collars, dog bowls, leashes, enclosures and toys... Hold onto your credit card—spending money on someone you know you’re going to love never felt so good.

Are you at the planning stage? I can help!

  • Not sure what type of dog to get? 
  • Don’t know the difference between breeds?
  • Rescuing a dog is noble - but how does that go? 

Once you’ve decided on the type of dog you’re going to have, it’s time for a little home staging!  From creating your first shopping list, to organizing your floor plan and having that first family meeting, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Adoption day.

When the adoption day finally does arrives, you’ll be all prepared, and then the fun really begins...or not. If you’re nervous about those first few days, or even weeks, with your brand new puppy baby you’re in luck. I’ve got that covered1 I’ll be with you through it all.

But aren’t all dogs kind of the same? 

If you’re the type that doesn’t understand the difference between dogs, you’re not alone. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, as it’s the only way you’ll learn. Different breeds are like different nationalities—each with their own unique worldview. 

And now science has shown that dogs are similar to toddlers in their way of thinking, feeling, and attaching to people. People become their dog’s parents – and isn’t that right? We love our dogs like babies; and as it turns out they have equally strong feelings for us, too. 

So when you set out to choose a type of dog, pick one you’re going to like. Dogs, like kids, have unique interest, energy and intelligence levels. Some are clingy, others cautious or confident. Do you prize your independence? There’s a dog to match every attitude and lifestyle. 

When I meet with clients in person or via Skype, I use a three-step process to help them choose the right dog. Here’s an overview you can start with now.

 1)    You be You

2)    What Do You Really Want

3)    Pure Bred, Mixed Breed or Rescue