I've been a dog trainer for over twenty-four years, making my living—literally—at the end of a leash. As a working woman, wife, mother and all-around citizen of the world, I sometimes find myself at the end of a more metaphorical leash, pulled in a million different directions at once. Blogging about it all - kids, dogs, culture and community -brings me back to center…until the next big tug.


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Love, life, leashes. Kids, dogs, culture & community. Doglandia is a dog-centric look at life, love & good behavior, helping you find your center when life pulls on your leash!



I tackle frustrations of obedience with empathy & humor and doggie decision making with encouragement & enthusiasm. Loving a dog, while not always easy, can be fun once you have a tour guide to lead you down the right path!


The Huffington Post is a hub for all opinions, all the time! From headlines, to news, to lifestyle and green living, I joined the Huff Po team in early 2013 and have been writing tail-wagging dog blogs for them ever since!  

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Meeting other dog loving professionals, weighing in on topics that are important to them, & getting to know their audience & the dogs they love, opens me up to worlds I’ve yet to discover. It’s like going to a new dog park!