Meltdowns at the grocery store, yelling while you’re on the phone with a client, spitballs tossed at the family dinner table: all parents can relate. Whether needy, frustrated or just bored, children act up whenever their needs aren’t met. Professionals have shown that routines and motivational rewards are the best way to navigate from morning to night.   Your dog-child goals are identical. Sure, some of the distraction toys are made of edible materials (after all dogs fidget with their mouth instead of their paws), but the result is the same. If your dog is active with something that pleases him, his acting out will diminish. Find a selection of bones, chews, busy toys and pacifiers that keep your dog occupied when you’re too busy to entertain her!

To offset the cost of hosting these links, I receive a small commission, which in no way affects their price to you. Your purchases not only help keep your dog happy, but they also support my work in spreading the news that pets don’t need to be treated wrong to get them to behave right! As a pet-obsessed mom of a multi-species household, I'm always on the lookout for products that work and make everyone’s life easier and fun. On this page you’ll find products in various categories that I’ve used and recommended to my clients. I do not manufacture these products personally, nor do I receive kickbacks from the companies directly.