People take lots of time to brush, floss and stay clean. Parents start teaching their kids these habits day one! It’s no surprise that one of the questions I’m asked often is what do dogs need?  While excessive bathing can lead to chronic skin conditions and a dull, dry coat, a monthly routine of bathing and nail clipping is a good habit. Preventive parasite protection is another monthly must.  Your brushing and grooming schedule will depend on your dog’s coat and shedding cycle. Teeth brushing is essential, especially if your dog doesn’t have regular access to hard bones that he/she enjoys chewing. Dogs are the same way! Since all dog training is, is teaching a second language, have treats ready & encourage your dog the instant he cooperates and listens. Tell your dog what to do, not what to do! Reward listening and you’ll have a dog who looks to you with eager expectation versus one who tunes you out!

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