Grooming...cats...Say what?  You might be thinking: Won’t my cat just groom themselves?  Well, yes and no. While it’s true cats spend a good portion of the day, your kitty will still need help in the hygiene department.   Staying on top of their coat and skin condition can prevent dead hair amassing, causing skin conditions and hairballs, and give you a heads up if your cat is emotionally out of whack. Tooth, ear and eye awareness can head off other ailments that can cause discomfort and preventable visits to the animal hospital.  Here are some of my favorite products that I both use and recommend.

As a pet-obsessed mom of a multi-species household, I'm always on the lookout for products that work and make everyone’s life easier and fun. On this page you’ll find products in various categories that I’ve used and recommended to my clients. I do not manufacture these products personally, nor do I receive kickbacks from the companies directly.  To offset the cost of hosting these links, I receive a small commission, which in no way affects their price to you. Your purchases not only help keep your cat happy, but they also support my work in spreading the news that pets don’t need to be treated wrong to get them to behave right!


Ear Care