My name is Sarah Hodgson, and not only am I a trainer, behavior consultant, author and blogger, I'm also a mom to a multi-species household. I know first hand how adding a dog to your life can get overwhelming, and that professional help and positive encouragement can be a sanity-saver.   

Whether you need personal coaching, a book, a few good articles or some video tips, you'll find all that and more here.  As research shows, dogs think, learn and act more like toddlers.  Isn't it right that we teach our dogs with the same kindness, encouragement and respect we use with children?  After all dogs who are loved like family are happier, more responsive and trustworthy.  And happy is good.

My professional credentials include:

  • A 30 + year veteran dog trainer
  • Associate applied behavior consultant (IAABC) since 2013
  • Member of APDT since 1995
  • Member DWAA, since 1992
  • Certified Fear Free Board Member

My most current book, Modern Dog Parenting, Raising a Dog or Puppy to be a Loving Member of the Family, St. Martin's Press, Fall 2016, shares many modern studies that show that dogs share an almost identical brain capacity as 2-3 year old children.  Doesn’t it make sense to treat these sensitive, intelligent creatures a bit more like children? Kids — and dogs — raised with kindness and respect grow up happy. And happy is good.


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When It All Began


A lot of people ask me when and how I got started? We'd have to go back some 40 + years ago-a time when dog training wasn't quite a life career!  At an age when most kids were babysitting or mowing lawns, I started my career.  At 10, I was teaching my own dog to jump through a tire swing, passenger in boats and pull me on skis. At 12, I showed my neighbors how to do it and a teacher was born. In 1988, I opened my professional practice in Northern Westchester County NY where I continue to help families in the tri-state area train dogs, condition early puppy cooperation (as young as 8 weeks old or in pre-puppy counseling sessions) and demystify dog behavior.



As a regular contributor to a variety of print publications, my columns have appeared in Parenthood, Prevention and Country Living magazines as well as the New York Times and the WAG Magazine. I have appeared as a guest expert on NBC, CNN, CNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, Animal Planet and the DIY Network.
My dog training techniques are unique and profound. I am available for interviews, television and radio appearances, and lecturing engagements. For more information, download my press kit, send an email or call 914-241-1111.

Sarah's Resume